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Our Mission

"We strive to rejuvenate, detoxify, and replenish each and every soul with our herbal methods"

A Natural Tea for a Natural You

CUPS OF BLESSINGS is a natural healing business that offers customized herbal tea, sea moss products, yoni products and so much more to customers in Jackson, Mississippi and its surrounding counties. Whether you’re struggling with pain or other health issues, fertility, unbalanced hormones we’ll create a personalized blend based on your needs.

We take pride in our flexibility. You can pick up your order, have it delivered to your place, or order one to go. Browse our online store to see all our herbal methods. 

Meet the Owner and CEO, April Mcclendon

April Mcclendon is a wife and the mother of four lovely children. She is a medical laboratory technologist and an ultrasound technologist. She loves herbs and tea, and making sea moss gel, herbal juices, yoni products and hair growth oil. In fact, drinking herbal tea is the first thing she does every morning.

She enjoys making liquid blends and dry blends that can help people feel better. Her journey of researching and creating her own herbal teas has helped her change her life and mindset. She keeps Jehovah first since a lot of things will not be possible without Him.

Making herbal products is one of her favorite things to do. She also does sonography work and recently started an ultrasound business. She’s currently planning on doing other projects that can help the community.


CUPS OF BLESSINGS is your go-to online store for herbal tea blends.

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